MTX Checksum Fix

MTX Checksum Fix v1.0.0.8 - DEMO

This application is a collection of all our checksum plugins in a single standalone package.

What are checksums? A checksum is a value that is calculated from a block of digital data with the scope of being used in the future to verify if this data has been modified in any way. So basically if you change any of the maps in your cars ECU the currently saved checksum/s will not be correct and your car in most cases will not start.

Bosch VAG TDI v4.1
Bosch VAG TDI v4.1 - 2002
Bosch VAG Motronic ME7
Bosch VAG Motronic ME7 - 2002
Bosch VAG Motronic ME3.2/ME3.8/ME5.2
Siemens BMW MS42
Siemens BMW MS43
Siemens BMW MSS52
Bosch BMW Motronic ME7
Bosch BMW M5.2
Bosch Alfa Romeo Motronic ME7
Bosch Fiat Motronic ME7
Bosch Porsche Motronic ME7.8
Bosch Volvo Motronic ME7
Bosch DME (8bit)
Bosch Fiat/Alfa/Lancia EDC15 Common Rail
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